Solutions for a Noisy Opener

Solutions for a Noisy Opener

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You normally just push the button of the remote and the electric garage door opens and closes. When the opener runs smoothly, you naturally don’t pay much attention to it. But what if it stars making strange noise all of a sudden? You must take action without delay. Learn what may cause the electric operator to make the noise and how to deal with the problem.Solutions for a Noisy Opener

Is It the Hardware?

Most often, the opener is noisy because there is friction between two metal components. If you have a chain or screw drive unit, you should check the steel chain or rod respectively. Is it dry? You can determine just by looking at the component. Don’t touch it unless you have disconnected the unit from the power supply. The best solution to the problem is to lubricate the chain or rod. Use a product which is recommended or approved by the manufacturer of your device. Apply lines measuring around one inch in length several inches apart across the entire length of the metal component. Then connect the opener to the power supply, push the clicker button and run one or two cycles to ensure proper spreading of the lubricant. 

It is less likely for the noise to be caused by friction between the rail and the moving trolley. Still, you should apply lubricant to all the sections where this kind of friction occurs. This is essential even if you have a belt drive opener. Apply small amounts of the product and run the door to spread it perfectly. 

What If There Is Grinding Noise?

If your door operator sounds like a coffee grinder and doesn’t lift the door, this indicates more serious trouble. Usually, this kind of noise is produced by the motor unit when the main moving gear is broken. This is the gear which connects the motor to the drive. Basically, its job is to transfer mechanical power to the rest of the hardware so that the door can be lifted or lowered. It is important to note that this gear is made from plastic so it is more likely to break compared to the metal hardware parts, even though it is quite strong too. 

The solution to this problem involves replacing the broken gear with a new one. Keep in mind that there may be differences between the moving gears used by different brands and models. That is why you need the perfect match. 

In general, with proper opener maintenance, which involves inspection, testing, cleaning and lubrication, you will be less likely to have problems with this device. 

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