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Our company has been fixing garage door systems for over a decade, and in many cases we got to see problems that could have been avoided. Scroll down for some smart tips you could use to prevent problems with your door.

Lubrication maintenance is crucial

Lubrication maintenance is critical for the smooth movement of the door. Our experts Garage Door Repair in San Diego suggest lubricating all steel parts at least once a year or even more, depending on use and the weather conditions. Lubricants eliminate noise and help parts function better. They also prolong the lifespan of the system.

Replace springs before they break

The lifespan of the springs is limited, especially in comparison to other parts in the system. It's best to know from the very start when they are due to be replaced and have new ones installed before that time comes. This way, you ensure better lifting of the door, fewer problems, and less risks of accidents, which are possible if the spring snaps.

Make sure all parts are well fastened

All the parts in the system are fastened with bolts and nuts or set screws, which overtime get loose due to the constant movement of the door. When this happens, the loosen parts will start vibrating as the overhead door is moving and the noise created is terrible. It is recommended to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Trust your garage door

Once inside a garage, what valuables do thieves have access to? Besides expensive tools, sporting equipment, and automobiles, an attached garage can be an open gateway to your home’s contents. Our experts suggest upgrading your garage door if it is an older design. New models are equipped with modern technology to help prevent break-ins, keeping your belongings and family safe.

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